MenLo is a gallery and studio center focused on young and emerging chinese contemporary artists in any medium and international ceramic artists working in non-traditional ways within classical formats.

the Private Studio @ MenLo is an equipped workspace available to exhibiting artists for up to 90days before their exhibition to make a body of work in Jingdezhen.
Katrina Rattermann. Resident Artist - 2016        Website
Amy Santoferraro. Resident Instructor - 2017      Website
Zimra Beiner. Resident Instructor - 2017              Website
Trevor Bennett. Resident Instructor - 2017         Website
Kait Arndt. Resident Instructor - 2017-19           Website
Ji Xiaotong. - Exhibiting Artist - 2018              Exhibition
Nick Vest. Exhibiting Artist - 2018                    Website
Elvar Orn. Resident Artist - 2018-19                 Website
Matt Watterson. Resident Artist - 2019            Website
Tara Booth. Resident Artist - 2019                    Website
Kala Stein. Resident Instructor - 2019              Website
Bao Wei. Exhibiting Artist - 2019                     Exhibition
F02 Chang Hong, Xinchang, Jingdezhen Jiangxi 333000, China.