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“Is the world real?
We live in such a material world and are so influenced by materialism that we often neglect the communication and exploration of the spiritual world. In this context, my work revolves around the relationship between the "spiritual world" and the "material world “



Sun ChenHui
Born in Jiande, Zhejiang Province in 1994.
In 2020, he graduated from Jingdezhen Ceramics University with a master degree in fine Arts.
He studied under Professor Jin Wenwei.


" I have been thinking about the relationship between the two in what state does it exist? I am constantly searching for the carrier of the transformational relationship between matter and spirit, as well as the purest state of the material world. The material world is dominated by "existence" and "structure", while the spiritual world is characterized by "illusion" and "mystery". We cannot use the existing language to describe the appearance of the spiritual world, which is the limitation of language and individual helplessness. So I needed a way to depict the spiritual world and the material world and their relationship to each other.
Throughout the exploration, I often used visual symbols such as round tubes and cracks. When they exist alone, they have no meaning, but when they are "used" by the spirit, they have the value and meaning of existence. It reflects the structure and existence of the material world, and also reflects the interference of the spiritual world to the material world. The "mirror" symbol I used in the "Vision" series acts as a medium in the transformation relationship between material and spirit. The mirror reflects the material image to the spiritual world, so it can also reflect the spiritual image.
The spirit endows the value and significance of the existence of the material, while the material is the embodiment of the materialization of the spirit. My work is not to tell people that the existence of spirit is higher than that of matter, but to express that the relationship between the two is actually a close existence."

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