MenLo is a gallery and studio center focused on young and emerging chinese contemporary artists in any medium and international ceramic artists working in non-traditional ways within classical formats.

the Private Studio @ MenLo is an equipped workspace available to exhibiting artists for up to 90days before their exhibition to make a body of work in Jingdezhen.

Open Doors: Collected Works
Artists who come to jingdezhen are presented with hurdles, revelations, failure, and terrific rewards. The outcomes of these peoples interactions with the making culture of this place are often unique mot only in their relation to works produced locally but in their relation to works produced by the artist formerly. Open Doors presents a collection of these works from artists who have flourished in Jingdezhen with us.

Amy Santoferraro
Trevor Bennett
Jacob Meudt

Zimra Beiner
Nick Vest

Paul-Robin Sjöström

Kait Arndt

Jessica Levey

F02 Chang Hong, Xinchang, Jingdezhen Jiangxi 333000, China.