MenLo is a gallery and studio center focused on young and emerging chinese contemporary artists in any medium and international ceramic artists working in non-traditional ways within classical formats.

the Private Studio @ MenLo is an equipped workspace available to exhibiting artists for up to 90days before their exhibition to make a body of work in Jingdezhen.
The studio and Gallery are both open to any and all proposals for exhibition, residency, or other collaborative arrangement. Please contact us with inquiries at

The Private Studio @ MenLo is used as a single, or small group residency space for artists we feel fit one of the two gallery missions. The studio is private, equipped for ceramic production, painting, and general working on things. It is located at the gallery complex, and is convenient to many relevant production and liesure spots in town. There are affordable hotel options located within walking distance.

there is

a 25 square meter private working space
100 square meter shared work space
Spray Booth
Throwing Wheels
Power Tools
Hand Tools

We are open to any exhibition proposal, but give highest regards to those we fit one of two key demographics.

1. Young or emerging contemporary Chinese artists in any medium

2. Established international artists who we feel are making work that is novel and could add to the field of Contemporary Art in Jingdezhen. 

Residents are provided studio space, tools, and limited materials and supported in the mounting of an exhibition and the presentation of a public lecture. The standard residency fee is $100 per week but is subject to change. Applications are open to professional artists internationally and graduate students and professionals from China. Fill out the appropriate information on your Exhibition Proposal to apply.

Housing, travel, and living expenses are the responsibility of the artist. Housing can usually be arranged for $50 to $100 a week. We can help provide an idea of the cost of living and available services as well as some information about Jingdezhen for interested applicants. We will provide residents with any letters of support or confirmation which may assist in securing additional outside funding for their time with us.

F02 Chang Hong, Xinchang, Jingdezhen Jiangxi 333000, China.