MenLo is a studio and gallery focused on young and emerging Chinese contemporary artists in any medium and international ceramic artists working with non-traditional processes or forms. We do not have representational relationships with artists, we facilitate making, and try to find the work done in our studio homes in various galleries, museums, and other venues around China. 

We have no open calls at the moment

We operate on an invitation basis, and always welcome submissions for consideration. In these submissions we want to know:

1. About your practice 
2. What you hope to accomplish in jingdezhen
3. For how long, and when you’d like to be in the studio and in the country
4. The country of your citizenship, and your visa status in China
5. Your financial expectations and constraints

See the “Residencies” page for more info

Instagram: @PrivateStudioJDZ

F02 Chang Hong, Xinchang, Jingdezhen Jiangxi 333000, China.